The Label-Maker that Changed My Life

On Saturday morning I came across a garage sale in Brisbane’s West End. There were some entertaining signs gaffa-taped to several of the items but most of the stuff was fairly unexciting – some crockery and expensive retro clothes for indie kids. But in the corner, next to the chest-high hooka and under some stairs, was a little green label maker.

“Label things with – LABEL PRINTER – $5” the sign said.

“Hell yes!” I said and quickly bought it. Then I spent a good portion of Saturday night printing labels and climbing street signs. I knew I learned how to climb the poles of swing sets when I was a kid for a reason.

(They’re a little hard to read but I’ve labeled each of the photos so you just have to move your cursor over them to see what the label on the sign says.)

– Zoe Barron


1 Response to “The Label-Maker that Changed My Life”

  1. 1 Anneliese January 20, 2010 at 8:52 am

    Pure awesome.

    In the street one way away from mine we have a STOP. Hammer Time.
    Were I to borrow your label maker I would make a corresponding STOP. Collaborate and listen. in my own street.

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