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Kids These Days

A couple of teenagers on the train in the morning, Shenton Park College kids, having a fairly mundane, high school kind of conversation. Lots of “Oh my God” and comparing experiences and gossiping about people at school. I’m sitting a few seats down from them, reading but not particularly involved in the book. I pick up fragments of what they’re saying, look up regularly to stare out the window. After a while, the girl pulls her bare leg up and shows it to her friend.
“It scarred,” she says playfully. “I’m so totally fucked, hey.”
In my peripherals, I can see that there’s a word etched into the flesh just above her ankle. I don’t get a chance to read it properly, but I think it’s something ending in ‘-ATE’.
“Give us a look. What’s it say?” the friend asks. She shows him. He makes a noise. “Fuck,” he says. “You coulda put something else.”
“Oh my God, I’m so fucked,” she says again, grinning down at her leg.
They talk some more. My attention lapses. I only tune in again a few minutes later, when she starts talking about rubbing salt into her wounds.
“Oh my God, don’t put salt in your cuts. It burns, hey,” she says. “Oh my God it hurts so much.”


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