My name is Zoe and I’m a writer, copy editor and [bicycle mechanic] ( based in Fremantle, Western Australia. To master a trade, it’s a good idea to become jack of all things within it; with this in mind, I try to write everything from tenders to flash fiction (though the two genres aren’t as separate as one might think), with a good smattering of music and events journalism, reviewing and copy writing in between. I was a poet once, too. What I really love writing, though, is creative non-fiction, particularly when there’s travel involved, or some sort of exploration of place. I like to step back and notice detail, then allow the culmination of this to create a story. I like to provide a reader with hints, but let them figure out the particulars for themselves.

Currently, I write regularly for [Drum Media] (, [Six Thousand] ( and [Arts Hub] (, have been published in [The Lifted Brow] (, [Dumbo Feather] (, [The Big Issue] (, and [Lip] ( among others. I also write business blogs (inbound marketing) for [Half Glass Full] (, grants for [Dismantle] (, and do some contract writing for [Future Proof Consultants] ( Back in the old days, when I lived in Melbourne, I wrote and edited for [Voiceworks] ( and [Farrago] (, and was a columnist and reviewer at RHUM.




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